Women's Centre Launch  

For nearly 40 years, ONE80TC has been successfully operating a men’s rehabilitation centre offering transformation programs to overcome addiction and other life controlling issues. Throughout this time there has always been a desire to offer an equivalent program for women.

ONE80TC are excited to announce the opening of our Women's Centre, creating an environment to cater to our women's program.

ONE80TC are now accepting students and look forward to welcoming women from all walks of life and watching these exciting transformations happen.

We have witnessed great success in our Men’s program through its Christ centred approach and are actively working on our women’s program to achieve the same.  

When first entering our program we know it is difficult to see a bright future, but also know that through time in our program you will realise that your story is not finished. The best is yet to come! That the lifestyle of addiction is a chapter in life that can be closed and your new story awaits.

Our prayer is that in our house you will find the new you, free from addiction and walking in to the potential that awaits the rest of your life. Your story is unfinished and the hold of addiction can, and will, be overcome.

Just as the centre has undergone its own restoration, we look forward to a centre filled with your stories of restoration.


If you, or someone you know, needs help please call us on 1800 679 657 or contact us for more information.

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