We've raised $65,083.25 of our $50,000.00 goal

Our Story

It is with great conviction that we have decided to do this ride, not only to create an awareness, but to restore the lives of men and women, to make our community a better a safer place - building stronger families.

We thank you for supporting us.

Our Supporters

Name Amount Comment
Helen Tam $20.00 Well Done Lance!
David Bull $50.00 Congratulations on a fabulous ride. Well done.
Anonymous $20.00 Great cause. Keep it up!
Cha Hidajat $20.00 hopefully not too late to donate, great work Lance!
Joe Russo $200.00 Good luck mate!
Ronald Adams $50.00 Bravo Bro' Willie !!!!!!!!
Andrew Johnston $100.00 Great work DT
Brittni Alford $10.00 Amazing job, Lance!!
Anonymous $100.00
Ashley Thomas $800.00 To my amazing husband!!!
Jeffrey Ramdoo $550.00 We done Lance! Thx for all your contribution to the crucible team! Love and support from the Men's breakfast group. Legend mate!!!
Anonymous $100.00 Well done!
Douglas Bailey $25.00 Congrats!
Anonymous $20.00 Good cause mate, catch up soon
Rodney Gubbons $50.00
Ansh Gautam $100.00 Thomo "The legend"
J A Mcfarlane $20.00 Very proud of you good luck
Steven Fentiman $40.00 Go and smash it, Dad!
Amy-Rose Mara $50.00 ride wheelie well ;)
Jessica Woodley $50.00 All the best for tomorrow...hope you reach your goal xo
Jack Mara $50.00 Good stuff, ride well. Don't cramp
Ivan Szer $100.00
Adam Fentiman $500.00 ;) Go for it champ
Hamo Apcarian $50.00
John Picart $20.00
Jeffrey Ramdoo $600.00 You have a heart of gold my good and loyal friend. Best widhes and blessings from the breakfast team.
Sam Ng $100.00 Have Fun, Be Safe. See you at the finish line, Flash Fentiman.
Aron Vella $1,500.00
Paul Barnett $50.00 Go smash it Charlie
Ian Head $250.00 Thommo if you don't finish you have to streaj down the 18th at Castle Hill, no excuses
Jvon Davis $250.00 love you, so proud of you!
Anonymous $100.00
Su Pheng Lim $100.00 Go Lance!
Michele Fortier $50.00 Way to go Lance!! Way to make a difference!
Anonymous $200.00 Important cause Graham. All the best with fundraising and the ride. S
craig woodley $50.00 great stuff mate good luck
Maria Mara $100.00
Mic Murray $250.00 I know you can...I know you can....
Leah Mourad $30.00 Good luck Lance!
Debbie Tuivawa $100.00 Good luck Will
George and Margaret Aghajanian $500.00 You are a champion Charles.
Alison Wradatsch $40.00
April Cha $100.00 Good luck Lance ! :D
Michelle Boyles $100.00 Well done
Lacey Johnson $50.00 Good luck Lance! I wish you well.
Amanda and Navs Navan $20.00 Go hard mate!
Pascal & Jocelyn Bobillier $50.00 Go Lance!!
April Davis $50.00 I love you xxxxxxx
Elizabeth Morrison $50.00 Go Lance!!
Anonymous $30.00
Glenn Olney $100.00 So proud of you my friend. God speed and small hills
Jvon Davis $200.00 love you... fly like the wind!
Lynn Blain $20.00
Shelley Edwards $20.00 Nice one Charlie
Jessica Su $30.00 All the best Lance!
Fundraising Dinner $2,104.15 Well done to the team with over 120 attending
Fundraising Dinner $2,404.15 Well done to the team with over 120 attending
Fundraising Dinner $2,504.15 Well done to the team with over 120 attending
Fundraising Dinner $1,554.15 Well done to the team with over 120 attending
Trish Stewart $20.00 Peddle hard charles,great effort!!!!
Tony Cocks $50.00 Go Gra Gra
Jvon Davis $250.00 So proud of you! You can do this ... God speed
Mike Pupuke $200.00
Anonymous $30.00 All the very best Lance
Carolyne Benn $600.00 Well done We are very proud of you
Carolyne Benn $600.00 Well done Charles we are all proud of you
Laura Cullen $100.00 We are very proud of you Graham! Keep up the training and best of luck with the Ride from the entire team at Splend :)
Corri Byrne $100.00 Mighty mountain killer Mara!
Anonymous $200.00
April Davis $242.50 From Mom in the USA
Andrew Santosa $30.00
Dianne van der Wal $100.00 Good luck Lance with this great cause!
Chris Carman $150.00 Good Luck Charlie
Chris Carman $50.00
Laraine & Dennis Mcdonald $50.00 All the best Charles
Anonymous $180.00 Good onya Big G... Great to see your out there making a difference and giving HOPE! Ride on brother...
Anonymous $200.00 We are behind you ,every wheel turn. Lenny and Josie
Allan & Wendy Brown $250.00 All the best!
Charleston Peters $100.00 Good on you mate. Will be cheering to the finish line.
Adam Fentiman $500.00
Anonymous $25.00 We wish you the best Charles! - Lucas and Sara