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We've raised $5,360.00 of our $10,000.00 goal

Our Story

There is hope!
one80tc is an organisation that help people turn their life around from drug addictions: Rescuing People, Restoring Lives, and Rebuilding Families.
We will be riding 300km to raise money for the students at one80tc. You can partner with us by praying for the students and by giving financially, every donation helps to bring hope so please consider giving $50, $100, $200 or however much you are able to.

Alex and Barnsey

Our Supporters

Name Amount Comment
Peter & Louise Barnes $200.00 David and Alex you are both amazing! Fantastic to be helping rebuild so many lives.
Victoria Deane $50.00 A worthy cause, go well.
Richard Harvey $200.00
Stephanie Barnes $100.00 Good luck David and Alex! So proud of you!!
Jean-Luc Pilot $15.00
Omid Safai $50.00 Well done Alex!
Karina Heinz $100.00 Enjoy the journey
Rob Aktanrowicz $50.00 Keep up the good work Alex
Geoff Owrid $250.00
Mick Jaroszewicz $500.00 Very proud if you son .., see y at the finish
Bec + Tony Dong $100.00
Christina Mahoney $150.00 A great effort for a great cause. Go well!
Charl Jansen van Rensburg $50.00 Go David!
Jessica Lee $100.00 Go Dave!
Rachel Woodbury $250.00
Anonymous $50.00 Proud of you Alex!
Joshua Martin $100.00 Go you good thing!
Jeremy Tong $50.00
Cheryle Owens $500.00 Ride like there is no tomorrow and enjoy. I hear an ice bath helps with sore muscles once you are done,
Keelan Birch $20.00 Enjoy :)
Daniel Rose $100.00
John Burns $100.00
David Barnes $1,000.00
Pete Bellamy $20.00
Felix Tang $100.00 add oil, and stay safe!
Michael O'Flynn $50.00
Josh Peterson $300.00 Good luck boys! A great cause
Sam Paynter $50.00 Good on you guys!
Rebecca Li $15.00
Adrian Scandrett $50.00
Stella Drivas $20.00
Bridie Codling $50.00 Wooooooooo go Barnesy!!!!
Bridie Codling $50.00 Wooooooooo go Alex!!!!
Georgia Jaroszewicz $200.00 So proud of you both xx
Nathan Tamlyn $250.00 Love it mate! Awesome to see you go get it to change lives. So stoked to be able to be able to play a part in supporting you!
Phil Mance $100.00 Great cause, go well!
Alex Ko $20.00 What a great cause mate!