MC Hills

We've raised $13,940.00 of our $12,000.00 goal

Our Story

We're participating in this event to raise money for a good cause.
Your donation can make a real difference.

Our riders are:

Anthony Messina
Andrew Prime
Jason Bell

Our Supporters

Name Amount Comment
Jarryd Houston $100.00 Go hard brother
Nathan Booker $50.00 Well done Jason!
Anonymous $50.00 Well done mate
Anonymous $500.00 Great cause!
Gary Cuthbert $20.00
Carina Villalobos $100.00
Paul Trenear $50.00 Pedal Hard!
Taryn Thomas $50.00 Good Luck Jase!!
Daniel Fernandez $100.00
Joshua Tirados $50.00
ANDREW LEUNG $20.00 Go Toni! Proud of you & great to have you in my life.
Anonymous $50.00 Good luck Antonio! Keep those thunder legs moving! ?
Jason & Maria Buhajiar $100.00 Good luck Tony :)
Bell Building Projects $1,000.00
Mathew Khairo $100.00 Good luck are changing someone's life!! Love your heart brother.
David Darren $150.00 Nice buddy!
Ryan Mcewan $100.00 ??
RFA Architects $500.00 Good luck on your ride
Jared Gersun $350.00 Good stuff mate
Shellee Maister $100.00 Amazing effort and wonderful cause ?
Robert & Alison Billaud $150.00
Robert & Alison Billaud $200.00
Anonymous $750.00 Thanks for supporting One80TC!
Charlie Cauchi $100.00
Peter Mikhail $100.00 Good Luck Mate. Count me in to join you for next year....
Mario Roperti $100.00 Good luck Tony!
Wayne Robinson $100.00
Robert Lattuca $100.00 Well done Tony such a good cause. Good luck.
Poppy Becerra $100.00
Nicole Vaccaro $50.00 Good Luck Jas!
David Van Niekerk $100.00 Have an awesome ride and for a great cause
Mark Wang $100.00 Jason, Good luck. - Mark
Matthew Forsythe $300.00
Ray Hekeik $250.00 Great work Antonio
Tim Lewin $250.00 Enjoy the ride Andrew, I hope there not too many big hills!
Gemma Thompson $50.00 Good luck Andrew!!
Mick Wilcox $100.00 Best of luck!
Sal Messina $50.00
Kirsty Skalic $20.00 Go Jase Go!!!
Paul Wakim $200.00 Wishing you the best of luck!
Anonymous $50.00 From Ren & Rose
Anonymous $20.00 Love Nanay
Anonymous $100.00 Love from Mum
Phyline Messina $50.00
Jodie Ranieri $50.00 Go Jase!!! What an amazing cause xx
Charles Kivunja $100.00 Good-On-You-Son-In-Law
Justin Donnelly $50.00
dennis zilic $500.00
Stephan Fourie $50.00 Good luck
Linda Bell $130.00 Go Jason have a great ride for a great cause
FELICIA PRASAD $100.00 Awesome Tone, great cause!
FELICIA PRASAD $100.00 You're awesome Jase, great cause!
Anonymous $100.00
Maria Messina $100.00 Thanks Brother !
Domenica Messina $100.00 From Mum
Carlo Cesta $50.00 Good luck Anthony!
Anonymous $100.00 Go hard brother
Anonymous $100.00 Good on you bro
Geoffrey Babidge $500.00 Good luck Antonio
Craig Brown $250.00 Dig deep mate, what a great cause
Richard Baldini $200.00 Good on you Tony
Umit Evirgen $100.00 Go Tony, well done mate ?
Hristina Strezovski $50.00
Anonymous $20.00
Anonymous $200.00
Anonymous $1,000.00 Great cause
John Harvey $250.00 Good luck with the fund raising
Ron younan $50.00
Anonymous $200.00
Patrick Coleman $100.00 Good luck Jason
Hamish Lee $100.00 Good work Jase!!
Charlie Youssef $100.00 Good luck Jay
Matthew Foster $100.00
Andre Prinsloo $100.00
Linda Bell $100.00 Doing a great job for people who need help
Bradley McGuirk $100.00 Goodluck
DIANA BELL $100.00 Yay! Go Jase xx
Franco Pedes $200.00
Max Diab $100.00
Par Arnoldson $100.00 Antonio is one of the most generous and selfless person I have met. A no-brainer to donate to this great cause.
Antonio Messina $150.00 Happy Birthday AP
Lauren and James Russell $80.00
Anonymous $80.00 Go Andrew!!!!
Anonymous $350.00
Anonymous $350.00