Hills Mens Connect

We've raised $22,610.00 of our $10.00 goal

Our Story

A band of Godly men....Iron sharpening Iron, for His Glory, In Jesus Name!

We're participating in this event to raise money for a good cause.

Your donation can make a real difference.

Our Supporters

Name Amount Comment
Warren Dennis $50.00
Peter Mikhail $50.00 Well Done Jason- Great Cause
Robert Lattuca $250.00
Siva Sivapragas $50.00
Jonathan Barnitt $20.00
Linda Bell $250.00 Doing a great job helping others have a great ride
Antonio Messina $250.00 Go Jase!
Phyline Messina $500.00 Such a great cause! Go Tone
Tara & Leonie Messina $50.00 Your the best dad!
Fernando Martins $500.00
Josiah Messina $10.00 Go Dad!
Jarryd Houston $250.00 All the best bro! Go hard praying for safe ride for you and the boys.
Trevor Ratcliff $100.00 Enjoy the ride Antonio
Trevor Ratcliff $100.00 Enjoy the ride Nick
Judith Abberton $40.00
Mark Hay $40.00 Good effort and great cause Nick!
Anonymous $2,000.00
Ray Hekeik $1,000.00 Great work Tony. All the best with ride. Go hard.
Peter Brooks $50.00
Harry Barnitt $100.00 I'm told arnica cream is well worth investing in....hahaha
Keith Robards $50.00 Stay safe!
Andrew Amiradaki $100.00
Steven Tesauro $100.00
RFA Architects $300.00 Go hard big fella
Chris Amiradaki $250.00
Anonymous $650.00
Robert Billaud $250.00 Great cause Jason!! Ride hard my Friend
Vinay Prasad $500.00 Good luck mate!! Go hard!
Vinay Prasad $500.00 Good luck with the ride, go hard!!
Charlie Cauchi $50.00
Geoffrey Babidge $250.00
Tony Di Prinzio $100.00 Good luck ans safe travels
Anonymous $200.00
Mark Souter $200.00
Robert Byrnes $50.00 A great cause
Jonathan Maister $500.00
chris chilton $100.00 Have a great ride Nick. Well done!
Matt Aylwood $450.00 Go Hills Men's Connect group!
Elvira Cases $100.00 Go Tony!!! Love Mum & Dad
Glen Hoffman $250.00 Good luck Tony, ride strong for a good cause
Jason Bell $1,500.00
David Linney $50.00 Go Antonio, ?☝️?
Joe Joukhadar $150.00 Well done mate!
Anonymous $150.00
Max Diab $250.00 Good Luck
Dominic Maceri $100.00 Great Cause my Friend. Wish you all the best
Peter Low $1,000.00 Go Liiiiiiino!!
Franco Pedes $100.00 No to spandex!
Brett Goodin $100.00 Great cause go well mate.
Anonymous $250.00
Kareem Malek $500.00
dennis zilic $500.00 Ride hard Tony
Patricia Farrell $50.00
Kate Nagle $100.00 Proud of you dad ?
Nick Barnitt $100.00 Go well!
Chandra Shekhar $100.00 Cheering for you, my friend!
Steve McGrath $500.00
ian packer $50.00 Go Nick - great charity
Anonymous $300.00 Go boys and smash it out !!! ???☝️??
Zuleika Arnoldson Salazar $250.00 Get amongst it!!
Nathan O'Brien $100.00 You're a Blessing Tony... God Bless You Bro !
Anonymous $50.00 Go Get em Nick
Genneral Staircase $100.00 There are some nice hills on the way. ENJOY!
Barry Wilkins $1,000.00
Trish Mann $20.00
Anonymous $500.00
Anonymous $150.00 Good luck!
Phyline Messina $150.00
Anonymous $3,000.00