Ride for HOPE 2021

I've raised $14,090.00 of my $15,000.00 goal

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Join me in supporting the life transforming work of ONE80TC and help turn more lives around in 2021 than ever before.

Mental health issues affect many people in many ways and it's easy to judge those who have made bad choices flowing from that, but I want to be the sort of person that extends the hand and offers the second chance.

For the mistreated youth, the vulnerable mother, and the father burdened with regret.

You can help rescue, restore and rebuild.

Name Amount Comment
Darren Alchin $100.00
Marc McLaren $100.00 Great work for a fantastic cause well done
Jen Ward $30.00 I'm sure you'll fly through it! - From Percy
Greg Campion $50.00 Well Done Tony your a Champion
Bill Bassett $1,000.00 Enjoy the ride
Kate Taeidi $20.00 Phenomenal effort once again, well done Tony!
David Thompson $50.00 Best of luck Tony.
Ishan Galapathy $50.00 Your dedication is commendable. All the best!
John Bradbury $30.00 Good luck Tony I’m sure you’ve been training hard
Kevin Whitehead $50.00 Envoy the ride Tony, great cause! Since I have known you you have always pioneered and sponsored good social causes, keep it up
Richard Banks $300.00 Great effort Tony. Enjoy the ride
John Drury $50.00 Great cause - ride well!
Jason Tamaro $20.00
Dirk Schrader $100.00 Great initiative Tony!
Stephen Pemberton $100.00 Great work tony, awesome that you do this every year mate!
Mark Hilton $100.00
Anonymous $1,500.00 Go Tony
Karen Deckert $25.00 You got this!
Gary Hines $50.00 Good luck with the solo ride, stay safe.
David Broughton $8,000.00 Good Luck Tony
Boris Lakicevic $50.00 Good Luck Tony!
Nick Flynn $50.00 Good luck!
Anne Munro $200.00 Thanks Tony and best of luck!
Ishan Galapathy $50.00 Nice work Tony. Keep it up!
Marian Culpan $100.00 Good luck Tony!
peter hickie $50.00 What a fantastic cause Tony. Good luck.
Mike Rigby $50.00 Good Luck Tony!
Lana Dogan $50.00
Mark Strawhan $100.00 Safe Travels
Paul Feighan $200.00
Warwick Strachan $100.00 Great cause Tony!!
Lawrence Brown $200.00 Nice one Tony. Never more needed than right now
Jasmin Hilleard $50.00 Good luck!
Corry Roberts $40.00 Good luck - stay safe!
Catherine Cowey $50.00
Richard Banks $350.00 Great cause, enjoy the ride
Tim Tyndale $50.00 Good stuff Tony!
John Earley $250.00 A cause I feel strongly about
Tim Whincop $375.00
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