Ride for HOPE 2020

I've raised $20,450.00 of my $20,000.00 goal

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This year represents the 20th annual cycling event.

Founder Phil Latz first dreamed of launching a national cycling event at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and so started the legacy of our Ride for HOPE.

HOPE - hold on pain ends - represents the journey of each the students. Their hope for recovery, their hope for the future, for their family, for their dreams.

Join me in supporting the life transforming work of ONE80TC and our hope to turn more lives around in 2020 than ever before.

Name Amount Comment
Luke Smith $200.00
Brendan Jones $250.00 You're a great man Chris with a heart of gold
Jim Hand $100.00 What an epic ride! Your strength, determination and commitment is an inspiration to us all. Where there is faith there is hope... Neta, Jim, Frannie and family.
Julie and Dean McElrea $450.00 Congratulations Chris - Amazing effort - Amazing cause - Inspirational Effort
Graeme Horner $100.00
Anonymous $200.00 Making a difference iso many ways - Thanks Chris - an inspiring brother to many!!!
Stuart Badman $300.00 Congratulations Chris
Sam Orde $150.00 All the best Chris!
Gary Guglielmi $100.00 Onya Buddy !! Your a great fella and mate !
Mal and Kendal Butt $130.00 Well done Chris
David, Dean & Kay Healey $100.00 HOPE - Hold On Pain Ends - so true, so real, so relevant
Roz & Graeme Gibbs $200.00 A pleasure to assist addicts with a pathway to success.
Joy Creed $50.00 Gods blessings on all
Anonymous $200.00
David Mcdonald $250.00 You are one of the good guys Chris.
Alan Douglas $50.00 Love your work Chris
Michael Lowerson $100.00 Peddle well !!
Cathy Daniel $50.00 Happy to support a good cause
Paul Sebastiao $250.00 The Inspiration continues... Chris you are a champion and encouragement for others... keep pedaling and stay safe
Anonymous $150.00
Ken Watson $500.00 You've got this Chris !
Serene Paul $180.00
Serene Paul $180.00
Chris Burns $45.00
Alison Kniha $50.00
Rebekah Burns $500.00
Janette Browning $250.00
David Wainwright $180.00 Great work Chris, you look like a very credible cyclist that means business !
Alan Kibble $300.00
simon Labruyere $100.00
John McMullan $50.00
james brouwer $300.00
Margaret & Bob Hurford $50.00 Congratulations Chris! Brilliant solo effort.
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $50.00 The pain will fade - the satisfaction will be long lasting - JD.
Geoffrey Chew $100.00
Jeremy Badman $250.00
Robert Owen $100.00 Fantastic effort Chris
Mary Court $50.00
Mary Smallbone $180.00 Well done Chris - a worthy cause
Grant Delbridge $300.00
Passer-by $5.00 Who thought it was a sausage sizzle
Jacqueline Murray $100.00 Well done Chris
Jeff Scott $200.00 Happy to assist Chris, and enjoyed the training ride.
Grahame Hawke $100.00
Kate Hannah $30.00 Well done Chris!
Cathy Daniel $50.00 You did what ? Well done son-in-law !
Gus Margetic $200.00 Good day for a walk around the river - vital to support the ongoing work of ONE80TC
Nick Murray $50.00 You are a legend, Chris!
Anthony Badman $200.00
Serene Paul $170.00 Safe riding today! You're faithfulness is truly inspiring
Natalie Van Der Poel $50.00
Jim Hand $100.00 Happy & Safe riding! You change lives in the work you do. #100% proud. Jim, Neta, Fran & fam.
Margaret Onus $200.00 Always happy to support what you do for ONE80TC. Have a safe ride.
David Hussain $100.00
Nathan Gibbs $50.00 H.O.P.E
Robyn Knight $150.00 Power on Chris
B & L Gesling $130.00
Gillian Hussain $50.00 You are a legend, Chris!!
BMMI . $100.00 Go you good thing
john haddock $300.00 just Keep on keeping on Chris
Chris Butler $50.00 Well doe Chris you are a legend!
Simon Lowerson $100.00
Anonymous $100.00 You’re such an inspiration Chris!
Scott & Machelle Dobbs $150.00
Carolyn Stormer $50.00 Blessings! from Carolyn & Terry!
Fiona Harris $300.00 You are such an inspiration Chris, have a great ride.... Lindsay and Fiona
Rob Lees $100.00
Mary Jones $50.00
CityChurch AU $5,000.00 So grateful for who you are and all you do xxx
Sarah Pemberton $50.00
Kathy Coutman $100.00 Good on you Chris! You are a champion!
Bill McGhie $100.00 Above and beyond Chris! Champion effort
Anonymous $100.00 Your a good man Mr Burns!
Cass and Marty - Unity Studios Jensen $100.00
Chris Roberts $50.00 Go Chris
Dennis Comber $250.00 Your a great encouragement
Anonymous $50.00
Colin Klein $1,000.00 Grateful to everyone at ONE80TC
Bruce Hinton $250.00 Cheering you on Chris!!!
Caroline Orde $200.00 All the best Chris - amazing effort!!
Andrew Stewart $500.00 Go Chris!!
Vince Carr $150.00 I know one80tc restores men and women's lives
Anonymous $20.00 All the best for the day
Anonymous $100.00 Ride well Chris
Joy Myers-Creed $50.00 one80tc - helping make strong future families
Christine & Michael Garth $500.00 Pleased to support men and women overcome addictions
Ian Spring $100.00 Bless you Chris
Jessica Badman $100.00
Anonymous $200.00 Have a great ride Chris, keep up the great work.
Sandra Morey $250.00
Michael Lowerson $100.00 On ya Chris !!
Graham Blok $200.00 Thanks for your passion for this great cause.
Brendan Jones $250.00
Paul Sebastiao $250.00 Chris you are an inspiration always helping others. One80tc still continues the work to save others from addiction, even though this covid has derailed fundraising events. However you still continuing doing your bit to help others. Again... you are an inspiration... go Chris !!!
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