Ride for HOPE 2022

I've raised $15,900.00 of my $15,000.00 goal

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One80tc exists to rescue lives from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction, to restore hope and rebuild families.

This year represents the 22nd annual Ride for HOPE cycling event.

Founder Phil Latz first dreamed of launching a national cycling event at the Sydney Olympics in 2000 and so started the legacy of our Ride for HOPE.

‘HOPE’ - Hold On Pain Ends - represents the journey of each of our students and their restoration:

• HOPE for recovery
• HOPE for the future
• HOPE for the family
• HOPE for their dreams

Join me in supporting the life transforming work of ONE80TC and our HOPE to turn more lives around in 2022 than ever before.

Name Amount Comment
Alison Kniha $50.00 Sorry for the delay!
Stephen Olley $100.00
Robert Maxwell $50.00 Sorry for being so late. Well done buddy.
Kendal Butt $100.00
Brendon and Michelle Kennedy $100.00
Robyn Knight $100.00 Awesome effort
Luke Smith $200.00 Well done mate
Justin Buesnel-May $100.00 Well done mate!! Incredibly proud of your effort!
Dean and Julie McElrea $102.00 Well done, Chris
Amy & Ben Sattler $100.00 ? Come on Chris ?
Megan & Ken Watson $300.00
Jennifer Moore $100.00
Rob Lees $150.00
Lindsay Harris $500.00
Grahame Hawke $150.00
Kate Hannah $50.00 Good luck, Chris. Have fun! Be safe!
Anonymous $200.00
Anonymous $100.00
Jim and Neta Hand $150.00 You are nothing short of AMAZING! Inspired by all you do. Safe riding, enjoy the journey. Neta & Jim x
Stephen Burns $1,000.00 #1 Fan of you and this organisation. Much Love !
Cassandra Jensen $50.00
Anonymous $200.00 Legendary effort - we are so proud of you!! Helping others to find hope!!
Anonymous $50.00
Anonymous $100.00
Nick Murray $100.00
Jed & Elle Badman $100.00
Alex & Susan Soury $100.00
Jane Beard $100.00
graeme horner $250.00
Wayne Knight $250.00
Paul Murray $100.00
Jacqueline Murray $100.00
Anonymous $100.00
Anonymous $50.00 Great effort Chris! Great cause, happy to donate!
Simon Labruyere $50.00
Paul Sebastiao $250.00 Chris, you are an absolute champion, standing in the gap for those who don’t have hope, giving them a chance at a life that they couldn’t have imagined. Keep on pedaling stay strong and courage and keep safe.
Gabrielle Swavley $100.00
Michael O'Hehir $200.00 Donation to Chris Burns
Gerard Nabarro $50.00 Have a good ride - great cause
Aaron G $100.00 Chris, mate... you do what I can't. I'm always impressed.
Cathy Daniel $50.00 Have a safe ride son-in-law.
Margaret Onus $300.00 Always happy to support what you do for ONE80TC. Have a safe ride.
Anonymous $100.00
Gary Guglielmi $250.00
Chris Roberts $100.00 Amazing Chris such a great advocate for 180tc
Anonymous $100.00 So proud of you Chris. What a difference you are making. You might not see the ripple effect this side of heaven but your heart will feel it as it becomes super full of love towards these heros and their families behind the scenes.
Anonymous $50.00
Alan Kibble $700.00
Serene Paul $200.00
Anonymous $100.00
Bill McGhie $100.00 Legendary effort Chris
Anonymous $1,000.00 Blessing not only to the TC guys but the whole church family.
Jessica Badman $100.00
Sandra Morey $500.00
Janette Browning $300.00
Fran and Tanjya Burns $50.00 You are the best ...Love always
Jana Smetanova $250.00 What an effort, well done Chris
Max & Megan Leeson $100.00 one80tc - rescuing lives, restoring hope and rebuilding families
Chris & Michael Garth $500.00 Inspiring testimonies by the one80tc men on Sunday
Jeff Scott $200.00 Keep those pedals going for this great cause
Mary Court $50.00 God bless the good work of one80tc
Joy Creed $20.00 Keep safe and watch out for potholes
Anthony Badman $250.00
Elise Stokes $100.00 So excited for the work of tc.
Simon Noble $100.00
Anonymous $100.00 On ya Chris & Andrea! So proud of your consistency year after year! Well done mate!
Ian Spring $180.00 Well done Chris, you're awesome, bless you for blessing others.
Vincent Carr $250.00 A great cause.
Michael and Carol Lowerson $250.00
Anonymous $50.00
Caroline Orde $200.00
Brendan Jones $1,000.00 Chris Burns is a champion, doing what he does best, loving people.
Kay Healey $100.00 Go safely – love from all of us
Chris Smallbone $250.00 Well done Chris
Chris Butler $50.00 Way to go Chris have a great ride
Anonymous $50.00 Hope the rain holds off ....JD
Graham Blok $500.00 I hope the ride goes well.
Betty Owen $50.00 Great work Chris
Scott Morrison $396.00
Calan Spielman $132.00
Serene Paul $190.00
Aaron Govendir $100.00 Great work, Chris. You're doing what I can't.
Serene Paul $180.00
Jeff Scott $200.00 Kick start for your fundraising Chris. Truly a worthy cause.
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