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ONE80TC’s Residential Programs help men and women in their journey of recovery to break the cycle of drug and alcohol addictions and other life controlling issues. An opportunity to rebuild their lives with a positive attitude, responsibility and trust.

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The Aftercare Outreach Program provides individual weekly case management for those who wish to be held accountable to stay clean and sober as part of their recovery or detox journey.

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The Day Rehabilitation Program is a relapse prevention and harm minimisation therapy group open to both men and women to strengthen and support each other in recovery with the aim of breaking the cycle of any addiction.

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We succeed in rescuing lives from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction, to restore hope and to rebuild families.








Make a difference

We succeed in rescuing lives from the devastating effects of alcohol and drug addiction, to restore hope and rebuild families. 

Since 1977, ONE80TC has set the benchmark for rehabilitation in NSW with our Men’s and Women’s Residential Programs, Day Programs, Aftercare Program, Smart Recovery and early intervention #NotEvenOnce® School Program.


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Ride for HOPE 2023


 16th September 2023

       3 Rides to choose from:

Rescue Ride - 60km

Restore Ride - 120km

Rebuild Ride - 180km


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Gala Dinner 2022


'Meer's Hall' - Art Gallery of NSW

11th November 2023

Come and join us this year when we celebrate a year of 'Victory'

Rescuing Lives, Restoring Hope and Rebuilding Families




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Stories of life transformation 


Shontelle came into the program broken and disconnected. Now 12 months on, she is a living testimony of what Rescuing Lives Restoring Hope and Rebuilding Families really looks like. We're so proud of her journey and we can't wait to see what she does over the next 12 months as she moves into the Graduate Program.



What we do

One80TC provides an environment where those needing help to overcome life controlling issues and addictions can feel loved, accepted and cared for.

Our vision is to help people put their lives back together and set them on a pathway to success through either of our Residential Programs, our Aftercare and Outreach Programs or our Day Program. 

We also realise the importance of early intervention and prevention, and facilitate an alcohol and other drug program #NotEvenOnce® which is run through schools and community groups.

In addition to rehabilitation services, we have a focus on self-identity, family, relationships and personal development. Our programs are run as therapeutic communities and once participants complete our programs, they are encouraged to integrate back into the community and prepare to enter the workforce or gain further education.

ONE80TC proudly support and have gained accreditation to the Australian Service Excellence Standards.


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